Saturday, July 12, 2008

C'mon Don't Feel the Noize!

Welcome to the first installation of MacDougalStreetNoise, the blogspot to battle the never ending stream of hellish, noisy intrusions into our peace and sanity. Some might say, "heck, you live on MacDougal....foogetaboutit!" I say no way Jose, Bridget or Hermann. I pay my rent, I pay taxes, I live here! If you want to urinate in the gutter, barf in the street and make a general nuisance of yourself -- all while typically screaming like a crazy fool -- do it back in Brooklyn, Queens, or Staten Island. Or Wisconsin, for that matter.

Are you sick of the trash dropping morons in front of Mamouns? Tired of the drunks falling out of Off the Wagon? How bout the saxophonists, guitar players, and motorcylcists who treat MacDougal like their own personal narcissism parade?

We -- the residents of MacDougal Street -- can make our block a better place to live. Join in, call the cops, call Thomas Duane, call 311, call DEP. More to come...Your ideas welcome.


Sherry Stewart said...

You go, Ken Mac!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the up-hill battle. Not only are you against the NYU crowd, but as you mentioned the incoming yahoos from the outer areas and I'm sure the establishments there "take care" of the cops.

I lived by a club once. I complained to 311 and the po-lice for years. I moved. The club won.

Great pictures on your photo blog! I hope you don't mind, I put up a link on my humble site.

Field of View said...

Nice shots

: )

Cloudia said...

I hear ya-

Aloha from Honolulu

Comfort Spiral

Anonymous said...

I think noise has always been an integral part of MacDougal Street. It's part of its legacy, its beauty, and, yes, its annoyance. I understand your pain.